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FREE Gap Analysis

FREE Gap Analysis

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Find out what is holding your business back with this FREE Report and discover your highest priorities.

3 key areas:  1. Personal Objective.  2. Business Objectives  3. Succession


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    The Keypoint Accountants and Advisors Free gap analysis (also known as a business needs analysis) enables you to compare your current business performance with your desired performance. The “gap” in a gap analysis is difference between where your business is currently compared to where you want your business to be. 

    Creating a gap analysis can be beneficial for your business in a few ways:
    • Business Strategies. A gap analysis can help strategic teams figure out potential action plans they can use to hit their goals. 
    • Identify weaknesses. Using a gap analysis will help your team discover out the cause of certain performance issues, that will ensure that your business performs at its best
    • Measure resources. Is your business using a more resources the necessary? A gap analysis can help identify specifically how everything was performing, and how resources were allocated so they can be used more efficiently in the future.
    During this process the KP gap analysis will help you:
    1. Define your business goals
    2. Create benchmarks for your business performance
    3. Analyse the gap
    4. Have a detailed report


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