Collision Repairs and Panel Beating

Collision Repairs and Panel Beating

Operational strategies for better profits.

When dealing with insurance companies, the motor repair industry works with high volume and low profits. This means more car repairs (volume) for low margins. We help you recognise industry benchmarks and negotiate with car insurers to ensure that you are getting the best out of these arrangements.

We help you understand your numbers, margins, and industry benchmark KPIs that allows you to take swift action when challenges arise. The consequence of not having a clear financial view is that businesses cannot see the problem until they are 3 to 6 months down the track, which costs tens of thousands and further cashflow issues. It is critical to be nimble and act quickly in this industry.

Also, car repairers need to invest in their people to avoid costly employment turn over. We work with you by tracking your team performances, car turnaround times, customer satisfactions, insurances KPIs, while enhancing negotiation skills of estimators with the assessors and customers.

KP Motor repair services

Operational strategies - Benchmark performance and review
KPI analysis, benchmarks and advice
Leveraging insurance job averages
Multiple location structuring
Tax planning & minimisation

KP Motor repair support and experience

Streamline operations for better profits
Meeting the insurance companies performance requirements, especially if an average repair cost (ARP) in place.
Know your own numbers/KPIs (You can't improve what you can't see)
Paint and Part supplier costs to margins
Skilled labour shortages including team performance
Inside/outside scope works


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