Medical / Health

At Keypoint your specialist Medical Accountants & Advisors, understand the requirements of your business having experience with doctors, dentists, specialists, pharmacists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other healthcare providers.

Our accountants have the expertise and knowledge in the various medical and health sectors for you to receive the care and attention you need. We let you focus on your specialty, whilst our team supports you and your business health. It is important to identify and manage different financial aspects of your business including medical and administrative services (service entity) portion of your business. This aspect of your business alone or in conjunction with other medical practitioners must be structured tax effectively.

Asset protection

Asset protection is more important than ever with increasing costs and lack of availability of professional indemnity insurance. Consideration is required regarding not placing assets in the hands of the risk owners such as medical practitioners.

We also liaise with associated legal advisors where necessary to ensure assets are safely held by a non-risk taker. We closely review your business structure and ascertain if it is the most tax effective and efficient structure to suit your individual circumstances.

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