From 1 November 2021 a Director Identification Number (director ID) is required (deadlines apply – see below).

A director ID is a unique identifier you will keep forever. It will help to prevent the use of false or fraudulent director identities and is required by Australian Business Registry Services.



1. Existing directors appointed on or before 31 October 2021 MUST apply by 30 November 2022 (next year) or;

2. New directors between 01 November 2021 and 04 April 2022 MUST apply within 28 days from date of appointment or;

3. New directors from 05 April 2022 MUST apply before being appointed as director.

Failure to apply within the required timeframe will leave you open to criminal and civil penalties.


The fastest way to apply is online via your MyGovID. Please note MyGovID is different from MyGov.

To apply you will need to complete the next 3 steps:

Step 1:        Download and setup the MyGovID app to your smartphone (please note MyGovID is different to MyGov).

Step 2:        Gather your documents. You will need your tax file number and your residential address as held by the ATO. You will also need two documents to verify your identify, for example; bank account details, ATO notice of assessment, super account details, a dividend statement, a Centrelink payment summary or a PAYG payment summary.

Step 3:        Complete your application on the website The application process should take less than 5 minutes.

Directors must apply for their director ID themselves because they will need to verify their identity. No one can apply on their behalf but if you require any assistance please contact our office on 07 5585 0600.

A director ID is a unique 15-digit number that a director will apply for once and keep forever.


Once you receive your director ID, you will need to:

1. Keep a record of it — we recommend either printing or electronically saving a copy as you will not receive a notice from ABRS (Australian Business Registry Services)

2. Notify us of your Director ID so we can update our records.