A good idea, well executed – Is it Enough?

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Got a business idea? Keypoint Accountants can help

The famous marketer and business philosopher Seth Godin says in a recent post:

There are plenty of good ideas, easy to learn from and copy.

There are countless projects, well executed, with the steps on display.


Any entrepreneur could find a local business and bring a version of it from over here to over there.


And a social change maker could find a successful non profit and simply follow the playbook.


None of this is enough.


The scarce piece is the willingness to say, “go.”


To sign up and to stick with it.


To hope, to dream, to push through the dip and most of all, take responsibility.


It’s not as risky as it seems, but it’s difficult.”

We thought this was pretty profound:  “the willingness to say “go”, [then] … to stick with it…”

These days its not uncommon to see business people and entrepreneurs jump from one “great new idea” to another, often based on something they’ve seen an “influencer” say on Youtube! 

We would add, that even the willingness to say “go”, needs to be preceded with some GOOD ADVICE!  

  • Is your idea likely to work, and work for you, in your market?
  • do you have the necessary time, resources, skills and dedication to devote to it long enough to overcome inertia?
  • Is the business model optimal, amongst the myriad of choices you have?  (hint:  are you just buying into a job titled “self-employed”?)

If you’re thinking about expanding your business into new idea, starting a new revenue centre, or acquiring or starting a new business – its time to take a preliminary step of getting some good advice, from accounting professionals such as ourselves here at Keypoint, to set you on the right track, and possibly save you from headaches and losses down the track.

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Peter Cutforth

Peter Cutforth

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