Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Better efficiency for Allied Health Professionals.

Our expert team of specialist accountants understand that high workloads for Allied Health Professionals can lead to burnout. It is with this understanding that we work with you to ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible. 

Through our process we can strategically work with you to scale your business model, expand your disciplinary health team and improve capacity. 

We also help you strengthen relationships between medical practices and your allied services.

It is important to work towards more flexibility, work-life balance, continued professional education, and improve team engagement and communication with patients.

KP Allied Health Professional Services

Expansion strategies
Cash flow and budgeting
Profit maximisation and sustainability
Tax planning & minimisation
Succession planning

KP Medical Practice support and experience

Macro level systems: structures, processes, and techniques to reduce fragmentation and to fit with the health needs of populations across the continuum of care
Meso level organisational integration: coordination of care for particular groups of patients and population via organised provider networks, pooling of skills across boundaries, with standardised referral procedures, service agreements, joint training, and shared information systems
Micro level management of individuals: through case-managed multidisciplinary team care, with a single point of contact and coordinated care packages
Technology initiatives to engage with patients

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