Accountant for Construction Company

Accountant for Construction Company

Accountants Who "Get" the Building and Construction Industry

For builders, developers, and trades in the construction industry

As a business owner in the building and construction industry, having the right accountant can be the key to maximising profits and achieving long-term growth. At KeyPoint, our construction accounting specialists work as your financial partner to build a strong, profitable future. 

Throughout our 50 years of accounting, we have assisted many clients in this industry with proper structuring and tax planning. Setting up sustainable foundations is vital for builders and developers, to ensure that their exposure and risk are minimised. 

The construction industry comes with unique financial challenges that require specialised accounting expertise. KeyPoint deeply understands the complexities of managing contractors, subcontractors, project budgets, cash flow, compliance requirements, and more. We provide solid company structuring and financial solutions to meet the distinct needs of builders, tradespeople, and construction firms. 

One of the biggest challenges construction businesses face is maintaining healthy cash flow across projects. Our experienced construction accountants can implement cash flow forecasting, progress billing strategies, and other solutions to optimise your cash position and prevent shortfalls.

KeyPoint Accountants will assist you with feasibilities, budgets, and accounting software to monitor and report on the status of your projects. Our team will advise you on government requirements, GST, margin scheme requirements, and tax. We can also help with your annual licensing requirements for holding a QBCC licence.

KP Property & Construction Accounting Services - Tax, Cash Flow, and More!

We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services to support your construction business.

Financial Management and Accounting

Cash flow forecasting and management
Management reporting and profit improvement
Financial reporting
Bookkeeping and accounting software implementation
Accounts receivable and payable management
Payroll processing

Taxation and Compliance

Tax planning, structuring, and compliance (income tax, GST, payroll tax)
Annual year-end accounts
QBCC requirements
Tax return preparation
Tax advisory and representation
Fringe benefits tax (FBT) compliance

Project Management and Costing

Project cost tracking and job costing
Budgeting and feasibility analysis
Contract review and financial risk assessment
Earned value management and progress reporting
Project accounting and forecasting

Strategic Advisory and Business Growth

Support on acquisitions, growth, scale to sale
Business valuation and due diligence
Succession planning and exit strategies
Business structuring and reorganisation

By partnering with specialist accountants who understand construction accounting, you gain access to tailored financial solutions designed to meet your industry’s needs.

KP Property Support and Experience

Continued communication with suppliers for expected/unexpected material cost increases and delivery timeframes (well in advance).
Continued communications with customers and suppliers of realistic expectations on timeframes and variations on costs given the uncertain market environment to manage relationships.
Identifying challenges quickly and acting decisively with solutions to limit the impact. Contingency plans in place if a different resolution/action is required to alleviate the issue.
Setting realistic expectations/costings/timeframes and forecasts/with delayed stage completions which result in delayed cashflow.

Grow Your Construction Business With KeyPoint's Accounting Expertise

At KeyPoint Accountants, we specialise in the building and construction industry on the Gold Coast. With over 50 years of experience partnering with construction clients of all sizes, we offer:

  • In-depth expertise across residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects
  • Tailored accounting solutions that scale as your business grows
  • Proactive advice and innovative strategies to drive profitability
  • Dedicated construction accountants available for your queries

Our team is passionate about supporting the success of construction businesses in the local region. We invest time in understanding your unique situation and goals to become a trusted financial partner.

Common Construction Accounting Challenges Solved

Managing Contractors and Subcontractors

One of the biggest challenges for construction firms is the complexities of managing a fluctuating workforce of contractors and subcontractors. KeyPoint can guide you on payroll tax, superannuation, and other obligations to remain compliant.

Project Cost Reporting and Job Costing

Accurate job costing is critical for construction projects, yet this process can be time-consuming. Our accounting software solutions streamline cost tracking across multiple sites, allowing you to monitor profitability in real-time.

Cashflow Management and Forecasting

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any construction business. We provide forecasting to predict cash positions and identify pinch points before they impact your operations. This allows you to make informed decisions around financing, material purchases and more.

Tax Compliance 

Staying on top of tax obligations like GST, PAYG withholding, and reporting is crucial yet complicated for construction firms. Our tax experts ensure you remain fully compliant while maximising tax savings.

QBCC Licensing and Reporting Requirements

In Queensland, builders must meet annual reporting conditions to maintain their QBCC licence. We assist with preparing the required financial statements and disclosures for your licence renewal.

Construction Accounting Software Tailored for Your Needs

The right accounting software streamlines processes and provides real-time visibility into your financials. KeyPoint recommends and supports industry-leading solutions like Xero, tailored for construction:

  • Track costs across multiple projects
  • Integrate with job management and payroll
  • Automated invoicing and payments
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboards

Our team can implement and train you on leveraging Xero to optimise efficiency across your operations.

Get Construction Accounting Advice From Us Today

As a construction business owner, you deserve an accounting partner who understands the complexities you face daily. KeyPoint’s construction accounting team offers the expertise to simplify your finances and support your success.

Whether you’re a small trade, a large construction company, or anywhere in between, we’ve been working with businesses like yours for decades. Aside from our specialist accounting services, we can also assist with financial planning, superannuation advice, and more.

Contact us today to learn how our specialised services can benefit your construction business!


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