Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Working with the construction industry.

For builders, developers and trades in the construction industry.

We are specialist builder, developer and trades accountants located on the Gold Coast. Throughout our 50 years of accounting, we have assisted many clients in this industry with proper structuring and tax planning. Setting up sustainable foundations is vital for builders and developers, to ensure they that their exposure and risk is minimised. With solid company structuring and financial foundations, our clients know that they are best situated to create success project outcomes.

Our team will assist you with feasibilities, budgets, and accounting software to monitor and report on the status of your projects. Every ‘builder, developer and trade’ knows how important project cash flow is in creating a successful project. For our clients, we act as a financial partner, advising you on government requirements, GST, margin scheme requirements and tax. We also assist with your annual licensing requirements for holding a QBCC license.

KP property services

Support on acquisitions, growth, scale to sale
Cash flow forecasting
Management reporting and profit improvement
Tax advice, structuring and planning
Annual year end accounts
QBCC Requirements

KP property support and experience

Continued communication with suppliers for expected/unexpected material cost increases and delivery timeframes (well in advance)

Continued communications with customers and suppliers of realistic expectations on timeframes and variations on costs given the uncertain market environment to manage relationships.

Identifying challenges quickly and acting decisively with solutions to limit the impact. Contingency plans in place if a different resolution/action is required to alleviate the issue.

Setting realistic expectations/costings/timeframes and forecasts/with delayed stage completions which result in delayed cashflow.

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